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Bebe Neuwirth
Photo credit: Christopher Calkins
Bebe Neuwirth with the Safe Home Equine Protection Award she received from Equine Advocates at the
organization's Eighth Annual Awards Dinner & Charity Auction in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 6, 2009

Bebe Neuwirth Commercial for Equine Advocates

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Two-time Emmy and Tony Award winning actress, Bebe Neuwirth filmed this two-minute TV commercial for Equine Advocates. Ms. Neuwirth was honored by Equine Advocates on August 6, 2009 for her life-long commitment to helping and protecting animals and for her strong public stance against horse slaughter. In addition to this TV spot, Ms. Neuwirth completed a 30-second PSA for TV and one for radio which has been sent to stations across the country. A short documentary is currently in production featuring Ms. Neuwirth which is being directed by Jeremy Fitzpatrick of Pivot Point Films. Mr. Fitzpatrick produced and directed a film about the work of Equine Advocates which was shown at the organization's 2009 annual Saratoga gala and fund-raiser where Neuwirth was honored. The film featured the song, "Resurrection Lullaby" by the Albany-based band, Zombie Bomb, whose members just recorded two new versions of the song that will be included in the documentary and other projects.