Online Auction for Four VIP Tickets to “LIVE with Kelly & Michael”

Four VIP Tickets to “LIVE with Kelly & Michael” to benefit Equine Advocates!

You and three guests will be members of the live studio audience for the show in New York City. You will also be on the VIP Guest List for preferred seating. Please go to CharityBuzz to bid on this fabulous gift. Bidding closes Tuesday, March 17th, and all funds raised will go toward our Equine Rescue & Sanctuary Programs – Thank you!

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In Loving Memory of Ladybelle

by Susan Wagner, President & Founder of Equine Advocates

The Grande Dame of Equine Advocates has passed.

Friday, February 13, 2015 will be remembered both as a very sad day but also as a day of reflection as we bid farewell to Ladybelle who died just 39 days before her 34th birthday. We had been planning a Big Barn Birthday Bash for her here at the sanctuary on March 24th, the day she was born in 1981.

Although Ladybelle’s situation and the fact that she needed to be rescued is sadly not uncommon for many equines, her life and story have been an inspiration to all of us who have had the privilege of knowing and caring for her. In the spring of 1999, I received a frantic call from a woman in Enon Valley, PA which is not far from the Ohio border. She was horribly upset that a special horse slaughter auction was about to take place in her town for the first time. She had been calling every organization she could think of, but no one responded…But then somehow she found Equine Advocates. She explained the circumstances, but we had only been in existence a little over three years and we did not have a lot of resources. However, with the help of a foundation and two dedicated friends, I was able to raise some money. I went there and purchased 14 of the 21 horses who went up for auction that day, bidding only on the ones the killer buyers wanted. One of them was an eighteen year-old Standardbred Mare, named “Ladybelle.”  I found out that she had raced under the name of “Sterling K,” but her treatment after her racing career was over was anything but sterling. Like so many Standardbreds who could no longer race, she had been sold to an Amish farmer as a Buggy Horse, and then when she could not work anymore, was about to enter the slaughter pipeline.

That was a very difficult time for us because we did not establish our horse sanctuary in Chatham, NY until 2004…so I kept Ladybelle in several foster homes which is where she stayed until we moved our first group of twenty horses here on June 1, 2004. Ladybelle was a class act. Despite all that she had been through before we got her, she was just so kind and sweet, as though nothing that happened before mattered. She just always seemed to know that we were there to make sure that she was safe, loved and received the care that she deserved. Ladybelle had lots of friends and fans who adored her, especially her two sponsors. Our dedicated staff who cared for her every day just loved her. She was one of the few horses here with whom we could teach new volunteers about how to groom and handle a horse since she was so friendly and patient. She seemed to love her role as the head of the Main Barn and being in the company of her best friend, Ally, a Thoroughbred Mare who just turned 29.

Over the past few years, Ladybelle began to experience trouble with her back end and especially her rear right leg. She actually had problems with it from the day I got her. She literally had been run into the ground and received what I can say absolutely was substandard care, given the poor condition she was in when I rescued her nearly sixteen years ago.

Ladybelle thrived in retirement and seemed to love her life as we managed her physical issues over the years.  However, over time, her condition grew worse and she was having a harder and harder time getting up. This had nothing to do with the winter, as she really loved eating hay in the snow surrounded by her pasture buddies. On Friday, we knew it was “time” and I called the vet. We all held her as we said our very tearful goodbyes. She went peacefully and very fast.

It is difficult to go into the barn without seeing our Ladybelle. She just was always there. More importantly, she is the reason we do the work that we do. It is the whole issue of horses going from “one job to another,” only to be discarded when they are older and/or outlive their usefulness. I love old horses and if there is anything we can teach people, it is that you don’t get rid of an equine just because that animal cannot perform any more. Every animal deserves a safe and kind existence in life and a peaceful dignified end.  Ladybelle’s existence was useful and meaningful until the day she died in ways that some people will never understand.

On second thought, I think we will have that birthday party for her on March 24th, after all. What a perfect time to commemorate her life and what she meant to all of us!

Photograph compliments of Jim Craner

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Equine Advocates 2015 Open Day Schedule

Think Spring! Here’s our 2015 Open Day Schedule. Please put us on your calendar if you are in the area or find yourself traveling to this part of New York!

Come spend a few hours walking around and meeting our 86 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, most of whom were rescued from slaughter, abuse and/or neglect.

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#GivingTuesday – A Global Celebration of Giving Back!

To kick off the holiday season, please consider making a donation to Equine Advocates to help us care for our rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. For more details, please use the link below and thank you for your support!


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Support Equine Advocates when you shop Amazon with AmazonSmile

If you haven’t already selected us as your charity through the below link to the AmazonSmile Foundation, please take a minute to do it now. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Equine Advocates and eligible items also include e-book downloads and movie rentals! There are only a few easy steps to set this up and you would be helping out a great cause and making 82 equines very happy!

Once you’ve clicked on the link below, you’ll be re-directed to the regular Amazon site and can shop as normal. As you shop, you’ll be able to see which of your items are eligible for the Amazon Smile donation.

Equine Advocates, Inc.
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Chattanoogan Article on Tennessee Walking Horses by Roy Exum

Please take some time to read this important column by Roy Exum which appeared in yesterday’s Chattanoogan about the barbaric “Big Lick” and horrendous treatment of Tennessee Walking Horses. Despite the fact that most Americans are against horse slaughter and all forms of equine abuse, including the horrors that these poor Tennessee Walkers have to endure, there are some influential members of Congress who are standing in the way of stopping the cruelty. It is mind-boggling that anyone could possibly be in favor of this kind of abject equine torture, but shockingly there are. We all have to make our voices heard to stop it. Here is the link to Mr. Exum’s column which includes important information and names names:

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GO, BOBBY GO! Former NYC Carriage Horse Continues His Victory Gallop Through Cyberspace!

Our gallant Bobby II Freedom continues to gallop through cyberspace spreading the word of his momentous rescue from slaughter back in 2010 and the plight of urban carriage horses. A two-minute video we produced about him at that time has taken on a life of its own over the past two weeks, going from 5,000 views back in 2010 to more than 100,000 during the week of 10/17/14 and now to over 145,000 views! We do not know what inspired this kind of interest in this video again after all this time…But we are delighted that Bobby’s moving story is helping to educate the public about the cruelty involved in the urban carriage horse trade, especially in big, over-crowded cities like New York which is where he labored for years before being scrapped for slaughter. If Bobby could talk, he would say, “Horses do not belong in traffic!”

Just this past Saturday, one teenager was killed and three others injured when a car hit a horse-drawn buggy in Kentucky. (We learned Tuesday, 10/28 that the horse was injured, but do not know at this time whether or not the animal survived.)

We hope that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the mayors of other cities will act to ban horse-drawn carriages to prevent other senseless tragedies like this from occurring.

Once again, here is Bobby’s now famous video, which we have nicknamed, “The Great Escape!”   Enjoy!

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In Loving Memory of Scarlet

Scarlet, a Quarter Horse PMU Mare, sadly passed away on October 20, 2014.

Scarlet, born around 1996, was in foal when we purchased her at a Canadian slaughter auction back in 2000. She gave birth to Bebe in 2001, who resides at the sanctuary.

We called Scarlet, “our little chipmunk” because she had adorable cheeks that were one of her most endearing physical characteristics, along with her brilliant color. However, her personality was like no other equine. She was just this beautiful, sweet, kind creature. She had not a mean bone in her body.

Scarlet had to be humanely euthanized due to a long-time degenerative condition stemming from the neglect she suffered on a Canadian PMU factory farm.

We, and her boyfriend, Presley, are devastated by the loss of our sweet Scarlet. We loved and adored her. It will never be the same here without her.

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What Do Horse Urine (PMU) and Breast Cancer Have in Common? More Than You Think!

In observation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Equine Advocates president Susan Wagner and Canadian physician, Dr. Ray Kellosalmi, will join host Debbie Coffey on Wild Horse and Burro Radio tonight for an informative discussion of the cruel escalation of the pregnant mares’ urine (PMU) industry to China where an estimated 90,000 pregnant mares are suffering on “pee lines.” Please call in with your questions! Here is the link for all airing times and details:

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Online Auction for Designer Lingerie for Four at the Komar Showroom in NYC

Enjoy an afternoon for four at the New York City luxury showrooms of Komar, the world’s largest producer of sleepwear, lingerie and loungewear. Personal fitters/stylists will help you select an intimate wardrobe you will love. You and your guests will share 40 amazing pieces from a variety of designers, including Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson.

You will also enjoy a delectable Champagne luncheon and a tour to see how the garments are designed and created.

Please go to CharityBuzz for more information and to bid on this fabulous gift. All funds raised will go toward our Equine Rescue & Sanctuary Programs.

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