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Equine Issues

The Issues

Equine Advocates IssuesEquine Rescue
Since our inception in 1996, the rescue of equines from slaughter, abuse and neglect has been one of the primary missions of Equine Advocates. Over the years we have helped literally thousands of horses in distress.  »More


Equine Advocates IssuesHorse Slaughter
Horse slaughter is the way by which irresponsible people get rid of their unwanted horses quickly and for a profit. Every year, well over 170,000 equines from the United States are slaughtered for human consumption to satisfy the taste for horse meat in Europe and Japan where it is considered a delicacy.  »More


Equine Advocates IssuesEquine Abuse & Neglect
Abusing, neglecting and abandoning an equine or any other animal is against the law. Caring officials who are committed to enforcing the cruelty laws are essential to making sure that those who illegally transport, starve, abuse and/or abandon an equine are charged with animal cruelty.  »More


Equine Advocates IssuesWild Mustangs & Burros
In 2004, most Americans and members of Congress were unaware that then-Senator Conrad Burns (MT-R) had attached an amendment, now known as the Burns Amendment, to a 3,000-page spending bill that stripped away over thirty-four years of protection for America's precious Wild Horse and Burro herds. Since then, Mustangs and Burros have been sold for commercial purposes, including slaughter.  »More


Equine Advocates IssuesPMU Industry
Life for Pregnant Mares' Urine (PMU) mares is brutal. An estimated one-fourth are replaced each year, although the typical lifespan of the draft breeds used on most of the PMU factory farms in Canada and now in China is twenty years or more. The mares are repeatedly impregnated, and for six months of each eleven-month pregnancy most are confined in stalls that prohibit turning around, grooming themselves and comfortably lying down.  »More


Equine Advocates IssuesCarriage Horses
Equine Advocates is committed to exposing the cruel and inhumane urban carriage horse trade. Horse drawn carriages have been banned in many cities around the world, including London, Paris, Toronto and Beijing. Many U.S. cities have also banned them and we hope that many more will soon follow.   »More