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Our residents at Equine Advocates Sanctuary need constant care. Many are aged or have health problems because of the abuse and neglect they suffered before being rescued. Your sponsorship of one of our equine residents will go a long way in helping us in our continuing efforts to provide a happy life for the animal you choose.
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Ladybelle, a Standardbred mare, passed away on February 13, 2015. She had raced 43 times before she was used as a buggy horse at a farm in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. After years of service, she was being sold for slaughter when Equine Advocates came to her rescue in 1999. She was bought for the "meat price" directly from the farmer. Ladybelle, born on March 24, 1981, was our oldest mare and spent her time up at the Main Barn where she was the center of attention. Ladybelle was one of our most gentle horses and loved to be kissed and groomed.

Ladybelle will be sorely missed - you could always count on her to greet you whenever you entered the barn and let you kiss her sweet face. She leaves a gaping hole in all of our hearts.

Please see our news story about the passing of The Grande Dame of Equine Advocates

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