Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Sanctuary from Above – Fall 2016

Sanctuary from Above – Summer 2016


Touring Equine Advocates Rescue and Sanctuary

Volume 1: Lily and Suzie

Volume 2: Ceci, Zoe and Elinore

Volume 3: America’s Wild Horses featuring Nelson, Hayden and Kachina

Volume 4: Comedy Central featuring Babe, Belle, Henry and Marilyn

Volume 5: Mule Town featuring Ginny, Gizmo, Gomez, Mike and Pepper

Volume 6: After The Finish Line featuring Arnold, D.A., Joey, Mikey and Monty

Volume 7: The Odd Couple featuring Pete and Tina

Volume 8: Jasmine and Wiatt


Sanctuary Tour #1

Enjoy this tour of the sanctuary featuring Pensacola Pete, Tina, the Mules in Comedy Central, the Draft Horses in The Big & the Beautiful and in The Full Figured Girls pastures. This song is titled “Good Thing” by the great Cathy Grier from her CD to “Comin’ Back To Me.”


Sanctuary Tour #2

Enjoy this tour of the sanctuary to “See The World Through My Eyes” by the great Cathy Grier from her CD to “Comin’ Back To Me.”


Sanctuary Tour #3

Enjoy this tour of the sanctuary to title song “Comin’ Back To Me” by the great Cathy Grier from her CD.

Humane Education at Home

Equine Readers Club: Jump the Moon by Kathy Simmers

Pony Hill: Bridgette, Casey, Daffodil, Franklin, Mary Kate and Reggie


At the Sanctuary

Follow Along with an Afternoon Feeding

A Fine Spring Day

Bobby II: Rescued NY Carriage Horse

Hayden, the Dun-Striped Mustang

Maxine: Rescued Cleveland Bay PMU Mare

Nelson, Rescued Wild Mustang

Rain Man kicking up a fuss

Rescued Horses Doing What Horses Love To Do!

Sophia: Rescued PMU Mare

Rocket Man Dashing Through The Snow



Horse Haltering and Walking 101

Horse Grooming 101


Holiday Greetings from EA

Now That We’ve Been Rescued by EA
Twas the Day Before New Year’s at Equine Advocates Farm


Horse Slaughter

Observations of a Former Horse Killer

Susan Wagner Talking About Horse Slaughter


In the News

Susan Wagner on the Joe Condon Show


2015 American Equine Summit

Gloria Steinem: Letter against PMU
#01 Susan Wagner: Opening Remarks
#02 Paula Bacon: Keynote Speaker
#03 John Holland: Banned by the European Union: Where is Mexican Horsemeat Going Now?
#04 Vicki Burns: Shining a Light on the PMU Industry, What is Hidden Behind the Barn Doors?
#05 Jerilynn C. Prior, MD FRCPC: An Approach to Estrogen Appropriate for the 21st Century
#06 Victoria Racimo: Preview of her new film “One Day”
#07 Carol Walker: The Fight to Save Wyoming’s Wild Horses
#08 Debbie Coffey: Current Wild Horse & Burro Issues
#09 Loni Stewart: The Horse Slaughter Industry in Canada Today
#10 Holly Cheever, DVM: Professional Equine Interest Groups: Their Positions Supporting Horse Slaughter WHY?
#11 Alex Brown: Three-Part Video Series “Horses, Sports, Culture and Slaughter”
Dr. Ray Kellosalmi: Letter For Your OB/GYNs
Russ Mead, Esq.: Legal Advocacy for Horses


2014 American Equine Summit

#01 – Yvette Jackson & Susan Wagner: Opening Remarks
#02 – Jane Velez-Mitchell: Keynote Speaker
#03 – Victoria McCullough: Presenting the Legal and Logical Arguments to Win the End of Horse Slaughter
#04 – Senator Joseph Abruzzo & Frank Biden: Politics: Winning in Spite of It
#05 – John Holland: A Post Horse Slaughter America
#06 – George Strawbridge, Jr.: If You Love Horses
#07 – Vickery Eckhoff: Ending the Debate: Overcoming False Arguments About Horse Slaughter
#08 – Suzanne Mitchell: Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde
#09 – Ginger Kathrens: BLM’s Final Solution
#10 – Debbie Coffey: The Bureau of Land Management’s MISMANAGEMENT of Wild Horses & Burros
#11 – Allen Rutberg, Ph.D.: Embracing Failure: Why the BLM Will Not Use Fertility Control
#12 – Kraig Kulikowski, DVM: Horse Guardianship: Rights & Responsibilities
#13 – Dr. Ray Kellosalmi: Horse Slaughter & PMU: Shared Disgrace, Shared Challenge


2013 American Equine Summit

#01 – Jeffrey Tucker, Susan Wagner, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco & Senator Kathy A. Marchione: Opening Remarks & Keynote Address
#02 – Victoria McCullough & Senator Joseph Abruzzo: Making the Vital Changes Needed for America’s Horses Starting at the Top
#03 – Patricia Hogan, VMD, ACVS: Racing and Horse Slaughter – A Toxic Relationship
#04 – John Holland: Understanding the Forces Behind Horse Slaughter
#05 – Ann M. Marini, Ph.D., MD: Phenylbutazone and Human Health
#06 – Jo Anne Normile: Making Sure the Finish Line isn’t the Slaughterhouse: Racing’s Obligation to Ensure the Humane Fate of its Horses
#07 – Sue McDonough: Moving Animal Cruelty Crimes to the Penal Law Section of the Criminal Code
#08 – Paula Bacon: What Happens When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town
#09 – Vickery Eckhoff: Chavel My A** : Breaking Through Horse Slaughter B.S. with Journalists, Lawmakers and the Public
#10 – Stephanie Graham: Update from Oklahoma
#11 – Ginger Kathrens: Wild Horses: On the Trail to Freedom!
#12 – R.T. Fitch: Outer Mongolia, Wild Horses and the Paradox of Horse Slaughter
#13 – US Congressman Chris Gibson
#14 – Kraig Kulikowski, DVM: Ethics and the Modern Veterinarian
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