Bobby II Freedom at Equine Advocates

Bobby II, New York City Carriage Horse Rescued from Slaughter

Equine Advocates’ President, Susan Wagner welcomes Bobby II, a former New York City carriage horse who was rescued from slaughter to Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary on June 30, 2010. Equine Advocates first had him shipped to an equine hospital where he was examined and checked out before his arrival at the sanctuary. The vet report states that he is lame in his right front limb at a trot, but we are confident that with lots of TLC he will recover completely over time.

This wonderful horse, affectionately referred to by EA staff as “Bobby Segundo,” will spend the rest of his life being retired and turned out in the company of other horses – quite a departure from the unnatural conditions under which he was previously forced to live. An Equine Advocates supporter who came to meet Bobby, fell in love with him on the spot and decided to fully sponsor him.