Who We Are

We are very proud to have a wonderful and dedicated staff at Equine Advocates
and we’re pleased to introduce you to our key personnel:

Annie & Susan Wagner

President & Founder
Susan Wagner with Annie

VP/Development Director
Karen Wagner with Sophie

Social Media & Communications Manager
Alex Valverde with Lily

Humane Educator/Administrator
Michele Jacobs with Ceci Devine

Donor Relations Manager
Kristen Hegedus with Tim

Melissa Murray with Prince

Equine Care Manager
Melissa Murray with Prince

Assistant Equine Care Manager
Jessie McMillan with Connor

Mannie for the web

Maintenance Supervisor
Mannie Ramirez with his adorable dog, Chato

We are also proud to introduce you to our Board of Directors

Jeffrey Tucker, Chairman

Susan Wagner, President

Regan Backer, Vice President

Kelley Watts, Treasurer

Karen Wagner, Secretary

Ellen Goldner, Director

Elisa Haworth, Director

Yvette Jackson, Director

Barbara Guarino Lester, Director

Jill Meschino, Director

Donna Nadeau, Director

Below is additional information concerning our work and financials

2023 Audited Financial Report

2023 990

2022 Annual Report

Note: Please note that the Board reviews and sets the salary and benefits for the President/Chief Executive Officer.