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Humane Education at Equine Advocates

Children are the future guardians of humanity, animals and our environment

Equine Advocates Humane Education Program teaches children to develop empathy, compassion and a sense of responsibility towards all living things. We provide them with an understanding of the need to advocate and make necessary changes in our world by getting involved, raising their voices and making a difference. 

The Humane Education lessons offered at Equine Advocates Sanctuary helps fulfill the requirements of the New York State Humane Education Law (Article 17, Section 809).

The curriculum is developed to include fun, relevant, age-appropriate lessons for Pre-K through Middle School and special education programs.  At the sanctuary, students will meet our horses and hear stories of how and why they were rescued as well as understand the need to advocate and protect all animals.  The program encourages critical thinking and problem solving to question, make informed decisions and take compassionate action.

Our program is written to align with the NYS Learning Standards incorporating Social Studies, Language Arts, Vocabulary, Civics and Science. Students will learn the history and evolution of equines and their contributions to society past and present.  Additionally, they learn what both wild and domestic equines need to survive and society‚Äôs responsibility to protect and rescue animals.

Click here to view our Humane Education brochure! 

Students will gain an understanding of how our sanctuary works to identify animal abuse and the importance of advocating to make and change laws to protect them. Giving students the opportunity to think critically about the information they learn and  develop opinions, attitudes and solutions to the plight of horses in our world gives them a sense of responsibility towards improving our society. 

This is an excellent opportunity to educate children about the importance of caring for each other, animals and our planet.  Click here to fill out our School Field Trip Request Form to email over to us! Please feel free to contact us for more information, a hard copy of our brochure and to arrange field trips for your group/school at