Feed Room

Feed pails for horses at Equine Advocates SanctuaryMost of our horses at the sanctuary are fed twice a day. The meals include grain and supplements, medications when needed, and are specially prepared for each equine based on their health and age.

Our very aged equines with limited teeth receive a mash and they tend to be fed three times each day.

All horses have hay available to them at all times, except for those with allergies to dust. The allergic horses are fed Dengie, which is alfalfa processed to remove all dust.

Equine Advocates Feed Room
This family almost never misses an Open Day, but this was the first time they got to see our Feed Room!

Our Feed Room has become an important part of our Humane Education Program. Groups are brought into the Feed Room to get a better understanding of equine nutrition and the special needs of our population, most of whom were badly neglected at the time of rescue and many others who are very aged.

You can help support our horses with a single or recurring donation or by sponsoring a horse.