Belle, born around 1994, is a former Amish Work Mule from western Pennsylvania. She and her sister, Babe had been involved in a plowing accident where Belle sustained a broken jaw. The farmer who owned them was going to send them to auction when we heard about their story and purchased them privately from him. Belle is one of the sweetest equines at the sanctuary. In 2016, her left eye had to be removed due to Glaucoma, a condition she also has in her right eye. We manage her condition by administering medication to her right eye every day. She will be on this medication for the rest of her life. Belle and Babe will never be separated. They spend their days with two other mules, Henry and Marilyn, in a part of the sanctuary called, “Comedy Central.” Photo credit: Holly Scism

Belle is proudly Sponsored by supporters from Stuart, Florida and Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

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