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Chloe is a Dark Brown Miniature Mediterranean Donkey born on May 22, 2003. According to the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association, these unique equines are a separate breed of donkey originating from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Chloe and Daisy, a second Miniature Donkey of the same breed, arrived at Equine Advocates on April 12, 2024, under very special circumstances. Our oldest equine at the sanctuary was a Pygmy Donkey named Lisa who turned 38 in 2024, which was equivalent to well over 100 years of age in human years. Lisa had a longtime stablemate, a Miniature Donkey named Alice. As Lisa was so old, we wanted to make sure that Alice was not alone if Lisa was to pass away. Just by chance, our good friend Gerda Silver at Gerda’s Equine Rescue saved Chloe and Daisy and adopted them to a new home. However, over time, the two donkeys were returned to Gerda and as she was looking for a new home for them, she found out that we were looking for a companion for Alice. As Chloe and Daisy were inseparable, we welcomed both of them to the sanctuary. When Lisa passed, she did so knowing that her best friend, Alice, would not be alone. Chloe is extremely affectionate and sweet. She is simply a joy to be around.

Chloe is proudly sponsored by a supporter from Albany, New York.

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