Jake by Bea Gustafson

9″ x 12″
Oil Painting
Jake is a Standard Donkey whose estimated birth year is 2009. We heard about his situation from a concerned neighbor who had been trying to help him for a very long time. Jake had been locked in a stall for years with no access to turn-out or other equines. His feet and teeth were also badly in need of attention. Jake’s owner finally agreed to give him up. He was immediately shipped to Cornell University Animal Hospital where he was thoroughly evaluated, treated and gelded. He arrived at Equine Advocates on February 17, 2018. Equines that come here from cruel and unnatural circumstances like Jake do best in a sanctuary where they receive endless amounts of TLC and time to deal with their issues. Jake lives in a section at the sanctuary we refer to a “Hee Haw” due to his overwhelmingly cute and attention holding bray!

Bid Increment: $25