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Mikey was 250 pounds underweight when Equine Advocates came to his rescue along with two other Thoroughbreds, D.A. & Arnold, who were left to starve on a New York horse farm back in January of 2007. They spent thirty-one days in an equine hospital recovering from a series of problems in addition to emaciation. Two years later, the New York Times uncovered more of what was an expanding story involving many horses and ultimately led to the conviction and jail time for the perpetrator. Born on April 3, 1999, Mikey is a sweet and gentle gelding who has never looked back since those dark days. He is a very healthy and robust horse today.  He spends his days in the company of four other rescued Thoroughbreds, D.A., Joey, Monty and Arnold in a part of the sanctuary we call “After The Finish Line.” Photo by Terry Hawthorne

Mikey is proudly Sponsored by supporters from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey; New York, New York and Yonkers, New York.

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