Rigo is a Dutch Warmblood by breed. His estimated birth year is 1999. We do not know his entire history from the time he was a young horse, but we do know that he performed on the show circuit and sustained injuries during that period that ultimately ended his career.  The circumstances surrounding his future after that and how to best care for him and the health issues that he developed, are the reasons why he was admitted into the sanctuary in 2019.  Show horses, race horses and all equines with “jobs” often become injured or just too old to perform.  That is the reality facing most performance horses in this country.  Rigo’s story is not an uncommon one, but it is important that horses like him are valued and given the opportunity to live out their lives with kind treatment and receive a dignified end when that time comes.

Rigo is proudly Sponsored, in Full, by a supporter from Woodbourne, New York.