Zack is a Belgian Draft Horse who was seized during a cruelty raid by police in upstate New York in 2017. Since that time, he had been placed in two homes that did not work out. Equine Advocates was contacted by one of the investigators who was on the scene at the time he was seized and asked us to take him in an emergency which we did. After being thoroughly examined and tested at Cornell, he was diagnosed with several health conditions that will need to be managed and carefully monitored for the rest of his life. He also underwent a successful cancer operation in 2019 when he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and had to have the third eyelid of his right eye removed. Zack arrived at the sanctuary on July 14, 2018. His estimated birth year is 1999.  He is one of the largest equines at the sanctuary weighing in at over 2,000 pounds.  Zack is a sweet-tempered and beautiful horse who clearly belongs in a sanctuary.  We were happy to be able to provide Zack with a forever home here.   Photo credit: Jim Craner

Zack is proudly Sponsored, in full, by a supporter from Charlottesville, Virginia, who also generously sponsors Mark, Jack and Sheena!