Compassion is the Fashion!

Compassion is the Fashion at inPhorm with Debut of New Equine Advocates Tee Shirts! Saad Hajidin is the Creative Director of inPhorm, the international collection of tennis, golf and active wear that he founded. Saad also [...]

April 30, 2018|

In Loving Memory of Hank the Tank

Hank and Susan 1983 (Est.) – November 11, 2016 by Susan Wagner, President, Equine Advocates I lost a big piece of my heart on Friday, when one of our beloved mules, Hank the [...]

November 14, 2016|

2015 American Equine Summit Videos

We are so pleased to share with you the presentations from the 2015 American Equine Summit held on May 16th and May 17th in our Humane Education Center on the sanctuary grounds. The Summit was [...]

December 29, 2015|