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Promoting the humane and responsible treatment of horses

Since 1996, Equine Advocates has helped rescue thousands of horses from slaughter, abuse and neglect.
At Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY, we have rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules—and a few other animals too!
On the sanctuary grounds, we have an Education Center where visitors of all ages attend seminars,
workshops and symposiums on equine issues, care and natural horsemanship.
All visitors get to meet our amazing equine residents.


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On August 25, 2014,
go to CharityBuzz.com to bid on
The Good Wife
to benefit Equine Advocates!

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"You Two Again!"  by Peggy Kauffman

This exquisite, limited edition 1/10, bronze is of a Pony, Corgi & Norwich Terrier. Perfect for any room!  Horse and dog lovers will love this piece!  It is available as part of our Annual Gala Auction Season and is valued at $3,500.  Call us at 518.245.1599 if interested.


All funds raised from these gifts will go toward our equine rescue & sanctuary programs! 

Thank you!

Equine Advocates newsletter

Your contribution will help
Equine Advocates care for
rescued equines at
Equine Advocates Sanctuary.
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Bebe Neuwirth

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Bebe Neuwirth delivers a special message in support of Equine Advocates. Neuwirth was honored by Equine Advocates for her life-long commitment to helping and protecting animals, and for her strong public stance against horse slaughter.
 Bebe's video for EA

August Open Day at the Sanctuary
Next Public Open Day - Saturday, August 23 from 11 AM - 4 PM. Come meet our amazing 83 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys & mules and two pigmy goats! You will have a wonderful and educational time! Learn more...

Equine Advocates Thirteenth Annual Awards Dinner & Charity Auction
Equestrian/Philanthropist Victoria McCullough and Team Valor's Barry Irwin to be honored at Equine Advocates' Gala on July 25th in Saratoga Springs, NY. Special Award also to be presented to Andrea Eastman.

2014 American Equine Summit - Videos
For your interest and information, we are pleased to provide the presentation videos of our distinguished guest speakers from our 2014 American Equine Summit.

Sponsor a Rescued Horse or Equine

Sponsor a Horse
Nelson is a Wild American Mustang captured by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Nevada. As a stallion, he was destined to be sold for slaughter due to the 2004 Burns Amendment (which privatized all of America's wild horses & burros). We traveled to a BLM adoption in Ohio to get him and brought him to the sanctuary in February of 2005. He, al...
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