Kids’ Corner

We are excited to launch our “Fun From Home” activities to keep families occupied with fun horse puzzles, quizzes and games while working or schooling from home. Each day, we will add a new puzzle featuring our equine residents. We will also create new quizzes and word searches. These games are perfect for all ages!

Video Tours

We’re excited to welcome back visitors during our Open Days this season, but you can tour the sanctuary virtually any time of the year! Check out the videos below:

Coloring Book

Our Equine Advocates coloring book, illustrated by our very own friend Susan Fecteau—with many modeled after some of our equines here at Equine Advocates—is available for download. Feel free to share your masterpieces with us on social media—don’t forget to tag us and use #EquineAdvocates.


Word Games & More

Click on image to enlarge and download.

Equine Education

Each week, Equine Advocates will upload simple math problems and other educational worksheets for kids to complete at home! From addition and subtraction to English Language Arts, all worksheets will feature equine-themed questions and subjects. Click on image to download PDF.

Math Worksheet

Idiom Worksheet

Number Game

Picture Search

Dream Horse


Every Tuesday, we will upload a new Equine Advocates Quiz for #TriviaTuesday to play at home! Quizzes will feature questions about our residents, the sanctuary and various issues we fight against to help equines. Most of the quiz answers can be found on our website, in case you get stumped! And as always, let us know how you scored!


Educational Videos

Do you want to learn more about caring for equines? Equine Advocates will provide tutorials on general horse care here!


Check out Equine Advocates puzzles featuring our residents! We will provide new ones each day – new photos, different puzzle piece shapes and sizes – to keep everyone in the family entertained. Click the photo to open the puzzle.