Job Opportunities at Equine Advocates

Equine Advocates is a national non-profit organization – we focus our work on rescue, sanctuary, education, and advocacy.  Our equine sanctuary in Chatham, NY is home to 80+ rescued horses, ponies, donkeys & mules. We are seeking applicants who have compassion for animals.

Assistant Resident Equine Care Manager

Job Type: Full-time

LIVE-IN opportunity for an experienced horse professional with a kind, humane, and progressive approach to equine handling, to help manage the care of 80+ rescued horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules. Work closely with our Resident Equine Care Manager, farm staff, management, and volunteers to ensure the highest standards of health and well-being of our horses.

Duties include:

  • Daily feeding and checking of all animals (equines, barn cats, goats, etc.) and rotational grooming (all aspects.)
  • Observing animals for signs of illness or injury; recognizing and reporting abnormalities to supervisor.
  • Treating basic health problems, injections, and applying medications/bandages.
  • Working closely with veterinarians and farriers.
  • Administering medications and medical treatments to ill/injured animals under direction from the Veterinarian; handling, moving, and transporting animals to the Veterinarian; and assisting with examinations/surgeries performed on the property.
  • Maintaining high standards of awareness of the needs of animals in different temperatures and addressing seasonal changes, including night checks as needed.
  • Preparing daily grain and supplements for equine residents.
  • Ensuring grounds staff is maintaining outdoor stalls (They are clean, safe, and fitted with working hardware, and salt licks.)
  • Providing psychological and physical enrichment to animals at the sanctuary through daily grooming, hand-walks, hand-grazing, one-on-one attention time in the main barn, and turn-out into paddocks.
  • Maintaining and organizing inventory in Medication & Feed Rooms (Supplements, medications, medical equipment, supplies, feed, etc., and organizing storage and stocking.)
  • Checking/cleaning stalls and checking water in the main barn before end of shift.
  • Mentoring interns and volunteers to be able to provide excellent quality care and other duties as assigned.
  • Daily recording of activity, observations, and medication of equine.
  • Assisting with snow plowing and other emergencies on the sanctuary, as needed.
  • Providing daily written recording of activity, observations, and medication of equine, including volunteers for the day, etc.
  • Assisting with care of barn cats, as needed, as well as the goats, including walking them out to their outdoor pen not attached to the barn.
  • Other work as needed that is not listed above.

Job Requirements:

This is a live-in position only. We provide a 1-bedroom apartment including utilities, satellite TV, high-speed fiber internet & washer/dryer

  • Commitment and attention to detail.
  • An understanding and application of kind and humane handling of horses.
  • A basic knowledge of equine anatomy and illness.
  • Wrapping, poulticing, hoof-soaking, IM injections, first aid.
  • Experience driving a dually with 4 horse gooseneck, a plus. Is willing to learn for trips to equine hospitals, rescues, etc.
  • Non-smoking preferred.


  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off


6-day work week/40 hours, in addition to dealing with equine emergencies

  • 8-hour shift
  • Holidays
  • Weekend availability


Equine Care: 1 year (Preferred)

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to or mail to:
Equine Advocates
PO Box 354
Chatham, NY 12037


Farm Worker – Equine Sanctuary

Job Type: Full-time – Temporary

Duties include:

Main Barn

  • Maintaining a clean and safe barn, including all stalls, feed room, medicine room, wash stall & hay loft.
  • Preparing daily feed and including prepared supplements/medications.
  • Mucking all stalls in the barn 2x a day, changing out shavings as needed, sweeping shed row.
  • Changing water daily and checking again before leaving for the day.
  • Mucking adjoining paddocks to the Main Barn.
  • Maintaining mineral and salt blocks in the barn for cleanliness and replacement.
  • Cleaning all walls/doors/etc. of bird droppings, etc.
  • Checking that fans are in working order (seasonal)
  • Checking that water bucket heaters are in working order (seasonal)
  • Cleaning water buckets, troughs & feed pans/tubs/corner feeders.
  • Feeding the barn cats every day, changing their water, and cleaning their litter boxes.
  • Taking goats to pen at 9 AM, weather permitting, and bringing them back before 12 noon.
  • Assisting in walking horses up to the barn and back to their pastures for daily turnout and special appointments.
  • Assist Equine Care Managers with the horses in the barn and those brought up to the barn for grooming, farrier and dental work, veterinarian visits, special needs, and injuries.
  • Working with volunteers who primarily give their time in the Main Barn.


  • Assisting with unloading hay deliveries.
  • Assisting in mucking other pastures/stalls as available.
  • Doing other sanctuary work as needed.


40-hour work week, Wednesday – Monday

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to or mail to:
Equine Advocates
PO Box 354
Chatham, NY 12037



Job Type: Part-time – Temporary

Duties include:

General handyman duties, including the following

  • Repairing barn structures.
  • Installing roofing on barn structures (8 needed.)
  • Repairing & installing fencing
  • Helping repair roadways
  • Assisting with oil changes in equipment


4-hour shift, on call

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to or mail to:
Equine Advocates
PO Box 354
Chatham, NY 12037