Equine Rescue

Since our inception in 1996, the rescue of equines from slaughter, abuse, and neglect has been one of the primary missions of Equine Advocates. Over the years we have helped thousands of horses in distress. We have often handled rescue operations that involved saving multiple equines at once.

Equine Rescue

Equine Advocates continues to conduct both individual and multi-horse rescue operations. Numerous Thoroughbreds have been saved either directly from the tracks or taken as the result of being seized by law enforcement during cruelty investigations. Years ago, Equine Advocates rescued three badly neglected and emaciated Thoroughbreds from a farm in Greene County, NY. That incident became part of an investigation into alleged long-time cruelty at that location. An article on Equine Advocates’ part in the rescue entitled ‘More Horses Rescued from Owner’s Care in 2007’ was published in the New York Times. In recent years, we have participated in many more rescues, including several slaughter-bound thoroughbreds, a half-blind foal whose mother died during childbirth, and a donkey found abandoned on the road in Florida — just to name a few.

As many as 40% of the equines at the sanctuary had been adopted but came back to us for one reason or another. Because of this, the animals that we rescue and those already at the sanctuary are here for life. We also network with people needing to place their horses with those who are looking for horses and have had much success in these efforts. A great way to help a rescued horse is by becoming an equine sponsor of one or more of the 80+ horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules here at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary.

Every equine deserves a quality life and a peaceful, dignified end. We hope that through our Humane Education Program, we can help instill a sense of responsibility in those who have horses in their care. That is one of the main missions of this organization. We hope you will support our work and visit us at one of our Public Open Days so you can meet our remarkable equine residents and see our work first-hand.

Enjoy this wonderful video of Ginger, a former Amish buggy horse who arrived at the sanctuary in October of 2023, being introduced to the same field as Jasmine and Wiatt, a PMU mare and an Amish-bred Shire, respectively. The three were neighbors for a while and we noticed how much they enjoyed each other’s company. Minutes after the gate was opened, they were kicking up their hooves and running around together! (Filmed March 2024)