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3rd Grade Students Attend Humane Education Classes at the Sanctuary

November 18, 2017|Comments Off on 3rd Grade Students Attend Humane Education Classes at the Sanctuary

All 3rd Grade Students from Mary E. Dardess Elementary School attended Humane Education Classes at Equine Advocates This week, we were so pleased to welcome the classes of Kate Lynch, Sandy Myers and Jackie Mulica [...]

The Humane Education Center on the sanctuary grounds opened its doors in October 2006.

Each year, Equine Advocates welcomes thousands of visitors of all ages including educators, students, law enforcement officials, girl and boy scout troops, horse club members and others for lectures, talks, seminars, work shops and symposiums.  Lecture demonstrations have also been presented in the outdoor arena adjacent to the center. Topics range from equine issues, protection and care, the humane treatment of horses, humane law and enforcement, the art of natural horsemanship and responsible horse guardianship.

Afterwards, of course, all visitors get to meet our horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, most of whom where rescued from slaughter, abuse and/or neglect.  These animals are as much a part of the Education Program as the classes themselves as visitors get to learn about where they came from and why they needed to be rescued.  There are graphics throughout the property with each horse’s story which helps make the visit educational and informative.

To learn more about Equine Advocates’ Humane Education Program, please call (518) 245-1599.