2013 American Equine Summit Videos

2013 American Equine Summit

We are pleased to share with you videos from the 2013 American Equine Summit hosted and organized by Susan Wagner, President & Founder of Equine Advocates. Please share these on your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages and websites.

The information is invaluable and pertinent given the current push to open U.S. slaughterhouses by a group of small but powerful special interests, as well as the recent horse meat scandal in Europe.

80% of American’s are opposed to horse slaughter.

Thank You.

April 27, 2013

Video #1: Opening remarks from Jeffrey Tucker, EA Board Member, followed by welcome remarks from Susan Wagner, and speeches from the Summit’s Keynote Speaker, NY Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (sponsor of legislation A.3905) and NYS Senator Kathy Marchione (sponsor of legislation S.4615).

Video #2:  Victoria McCullough and Florida State Senator Joseph Abruzzo. Ms. McCullough & Senator Abruzzo’s talk is titled “Making the Vital Changes Needed forAmerica’s Horses Starting at the Top.”

Video #3:  Patricia Hogan, VMD, ACVS of Hogan Equine. Dr. Hogan’s talk is titled “Racing and Horse Slaughter – A Toxic Relationship.”

Video #4:  John Holland, President of the Equine Wefare Alliance. Mr. Holland’s talk is titled “Understanding the Forces Behind Horse Slaughter.”

Video #5:  Ann M. Marini, Ph.D., M.D. Dr. Marini’s talk is titled “Phenylbutazone and Human Health.”

Video #6:  Jo Anne Normile, author of Saving Baby, Founder of CANTER. Ms. Normile’s talk is titled “Making Sure the Finish Line Isn’t the Slaughterhouse: Racing’s Obligation to Ensure the Humane Fate of its Horses.”

Video #7:  Sue McDonough, Cruelty Consultant for the New York State Humane Association. Ms. McDonough’s talk is titled “Moving Animal Cruelty Crimes to the Penal Code.”

April 28, 2013

Video #8:  Paula Bacon, former Mayor of Kaufman,Texas who shut down Dallas Crown, the last equine slaughterhouse in the nation. Ms. Bacon’s talk is titled “What Happens when Horse Slaughter Comes to Town.”

Video #9:  Vickery Eckhoff, writer for FORBES and other publications. Ms. Eckhoff’s talk is titled “Cheval My A** – Breaking Through Horse Slaughter B.S. with Journalists, Lawmakers and the Public.”

Video #10:  Stephanie Graham, Domestic & Wild Horse Advocate. Ms. Graham’s talk is titled “Update from Oklahoma.”

Video #11:  Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. Ms. Kathrens talk is titled “Wild Horses: On the Trail to Freedom!”

Video #12:  R.T. Fitch, Wild Horse Advocate and Author of the Book & Bog “Straight From the Horses Heart.” Mr. Fitch’s talk is titled “Outer Mongolia, Wild Horses and the Paradox of Horse Slaughter.”

Video #13: US Congressman Chris Gibson of New York’s 19th District discusses H.R. 1094, the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act.

Video #14:  Kraig Kulikowski, DVM, P.A.. of Equine Sports Medicine. Dr. Kulikowski’s talk is titled “Ethics and the Modern Veterinarian.”

Video:  Elizabeth Forel, President of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages. Ms. Forel’s talk is titled “Banning New York City’s Urban Carriage Horse Trade.”

Bio:  Billy Smith, Teacher & Natural Horseman of Billy Smih Horsemanship. Mr. Smith did a lecture demonstration with former PMU Mare, Kelli in our outdoor round pen. Due to poor audio, the video is not being posted.