3rd Grade Students Attend Humane Education Classes at the Sanctuary

All 3rd Grade Students from Mary E. Dardess Elementary School attended Humane Education Classes at Equine Advocates

This week, we were so pleased to welcome the classes of Kate Lynch, Sandy Myers and Jackie Mulica for Humane Education. Colleen Cronin, our Humane Educator, made it fun and educational for all with an interactive PowerPoint presentation and lots of interesting horsey items such as a rasp for trimming horses hooves, various horseshoes used for horses here at the sanctuary with health issues (most equines here are barefoot), grooming tools and horse teeth!  The session included 45 minutes in the education center, 45 minutes out with the horses and 30 minutes back in the center.  At the conclusion, the kids had their lunch and many wrote haiku poems.

Our Humane Educator, Colleen Cronin, teaching about different types of Wild Equines.

Colleen Cronin teaching about the Five Freedoms.

Mrs. Kate Lynch and her class

Mrs. Sandy Myers and her class

Mrs. Myers’ class being entertained by Rocket Man

Mrs. Jackie Mulica and her class

Sheena, a gorgeous rescued Percheron – the kids really loved her!

November 18, 2017|