Equine Advocates Helps Rescue NYC Carriage Horse from Slaughter

Equine Advocates was part of a collaborative effort with the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages to rescue a former New York City carriage horse from slaughter on Friday, June 25, 2010.

The bay gelding’s left front hoof, pictured below, revealed the 4-digit “license plate” number of 2873 which according to records from the Department of Health, list him as having been owned by someone from West Side Livery (WSL) at West 37th Street in Manhattan since at least 2005.

All New York City carriage horses have four digits carved into their front left hooves for identification purposes.

“On Friday, we received a call from Elizabeth Forel, head of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, asking us to help

rescue a former New York City carriage horse who was destined for certain slaughter,” said Equine Advocates President, Susan Wagner.

“There was a deadline for him to be purchased by Friday afternoon or he would be sent to slaughter. I was told that ‘…he was knocking at death’s door.’ I am so glad we were able to expedite his rescue and thank coalition members for helping to fund it. We believe that this horse was dumped because he was too old to continue working.”

Equine Advocates named the bay gelding Bobby II after another rescued carriage horse who passed away last year. Bobby arrived in New York on Monday from New Holland, Pennsylvania and was immediately shipped to an equine hospital for a complete check-up. His age was estimated at 18. Bobby will arrive at Equine Advocates 140-acre horse sanctuary in Chatham, New York on Wednesday, June 30th, where he will be retired and allowed to live out the rest of his life.