Former NYC Carriage Horse Continues His Victory Gallop Through Cyberspace!

Our gallant Bobby II Freedom continues to gallop through cyberspace spreading the word of his momentous rescue from slaughter back in 2010 and the plight of urban carriage horses. A two-minute video we produced about him at that time has taken on a life of its own over the past two weeks, going from 5,000 views back in 2010 to more than 100,000 during the week of 10/17/14 and now to over 145,000 views! We do not know what inspired this kind of interest in this video again after all this time…But we are delighted that Bobby’s moving story is helping to educate the public about the cruelty involved in the urban carriage horse trade, especially in big, over-crowded cities like New York which is where he labored for years before being scrapped for slaughter. If Bobby could talk, he would say, “Horses do not belong in traffic!”

Just this past Saturday, one teenager was killed and three others injured when a car hit a horse-drawn buggy in Kentucky. (We learned Tuesday, 10/28 that the horse was injured, but do not know at this time whether or not the animal survived.)

We hope that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the mayors of other cities will act to ban horse-drawn carriages to prevent other senseless tragedies like this from occurring.

Once again, here is Bobby’s now famous video, which we have nicknamed, “The Great Escape!”   Enjoy

October 29, 2014|