In Loving Memory of Cabbage

Cabbage, a Pony, sadly passed away on March 26, 2013. She was in her mid-twenties.

Cabbage was on her way to slaughter when she was rescued by Equine Advocates in 2001, along with two Belgian draft horses. We thought Cabbage was in foal when rescued… but she was not. She was diagnosed with a thyroid condition when first examined by our veterinarian. For years she was on medication that controlled her thyroid and did just fine, but she always did look pregnant.

Cabbage shared her days here at the sanctuary with her best buddy, Rain Main, a miniature horse. They were the first horses everyone saw entering the sanctuary and were our “official greeters” as they would whinny at every car coming in. No one could drive by without stopping to say hello and give a treat to these two inseparable friends.

Cabbage was a very sweet pony. She will be sorely missed by Rain Man and all who had the pleasure of knowing her.