In Loving Memory of MoMo

MoMo (Mahogany), an alpaca/llama cross, passed away on November 27, 2012.

MoMo came to the sanctuary in 2008 with his best buddy, Nahid, another alpaca/llama cross and Herbert, a nubian goat.  Herbert passed away on 5/10/09 and Nahid passed away on 10/7/2010.  They lived on Pony Hill with several small equines.

All of our visitors loved to just look at MoMo who was a very unusual and shy animal.  He was awesome and we were so fortunate to have had him here at the sanctuary!

MoMo’s pasture-mates all came over to say their sweet goodbyes to a dear, old friend.  It was amazing and incredibly touching.  We will always miss our lovely, MoMo.

Photo by Wendy Braun