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In Memoriam: Josephine 1990 – July 30, 2021

Tribute written by Susan Wagner.

Our beautiful girl Josephine has sadly passed away after spending many years with us at the sanctuary. She was 31 years old.

Josephine was a Standardbred mare who had been an Amish buggy horse when Equine Advocates rescued her in 2001. She was blinded in her left eye which is why the farmer no longer wanted her.  We purchased her privately from the farmer so that she would not have to experience the horrors of ending up at a slaughter auction.  

At the time of her rescue, we had not yet established our horse sanctuary, so Josephine lived in an adoptive home until 2008 and then came back to us.  Josephine spent her days with her best friend and long-time pasture mate, Gracie in our “Pretty Women” pasture.

Josephine will be greatly missed by all of the staff members here at Equine Advocates, her sponsors, and members of the community who enjoyed visiting with her and getting to know her over the years. She was a sweet and gentle mare who will remain in our hearts forever.


Photo by Wendy Braun