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Letters to Santa 2022!

EDIT 12/28/2022: Thank you so much to all the Santas who made our equines’ holiday wishes come true! Some of these items – like treats, supplements, and Vetrap bandaging tape – are needed all year round, so if you’re feeling generous, we’d appreciate receiving those items any time! Thank you!

We’re not surprised to learn that every one of our 80+ residents has earned their place on the Nice List this year! Some of them are writing letters to Santa in hopes that their holiday wishes come true. Will you be Santa for one of our residents this holiday season?

Leading up to December 24th, we’ll reveal a letter from one of our equines with their holiday wish and let you know how you can grant their wish this season. Make sure to come back to this page for updates!

Shipping info:
Equine Advocates
3212 State Route 66
Valatie, NY 12184


If you’re unable to add your name to the address label or gift memo, please make sure to email us your name so we can thank you for your gift.


Last, but certainly not least – Hayden, Millie, and Zoe are asking for lots of low-sugar treats this year!

Nutrigood™ Low-Sugar Snax can be found at SmartPak, Amazon, and Tractor Supply Co.


Next up – Melanie is asking for new heated buckets so their drinking water doesn’t freeze during the winter!
Heated 5 Gallon Flat-Back Buckets can be found at Valley Vet.


Next up is Jack! He’s asking for Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Hoof & Coat Supplement this year!

Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Hoof & Coat Supplement can be found at Valley Vet, Tractor Supply Co., and Amazon.


Next up is Emma! She’s asking Santa for new toys to keep her entertained through the long winter season!

Likit™ Starter Kit can be found here and Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls can be found here.


Next up – Jake is asking Santa for a donation to the Farrier Fund so he and his friends can get some much-needed “pedicures!”

Make a one-time donation here.


Next up – Zack and CJ are asking for some Elevate supplement to add to their meals!

Kentucky Performance Products Elevate Maintenance Powder can be found at SmartPakTractor Supply Co., and Amazon.


Next up – Marilyn is asking Santa for some more bandaging tape this year!

Vetrap 4″ Bandaging Tape can be found at Amazon, Walmart, Tractor Supply Co., and Valley Vet.


Next up – Sergeant York is asking for a new set of body clippers!

Lister Star Body Clipper with Carry Case can be found here.


Next up – Vicky, Ceci, and Sylvia are asking Santa for Keratex Hoof Hardener this year!

Keratex Hoof Hardener can be found at Amazon and SmartPak.


Next up – Mannie and Rain Man are asking for more clipper blades so they can stay trimmed and looking their best!

Clipper blades can be found at Chewy and SmartPak.


Next up – Onaqui is asking for new corner feeding tubs!

26 Quart Corner Feeder tubs can be found here.


Next up – Plato is asking Santa for some Platinum Performance supplement!

Platinum Performance Equine can be found here.


First up – Ginny hopes to get some German Horse Muffins!

Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffins can be found on Amazon, Chewy, and Valley Vet. Other online retailers can be found here. All sizes welcome, but we love the buckets!