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Meet Onaqui, Our Newest Equine Resident

This past Saturday, we welcomed a new resident to the sanctuary. She is a Wild Mustang Mare who we named “Onaqui” in honor of the Onaqui Mountains in Utah situated on the public lands where she lived and the famous herd she came from of the same name.

Onaqui (pronounced O-nah-kee) is a Native American word that means “Salt Mountain” or “Pine Tree Mountain.” The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) captured her and more than 300 other wild horses from that herd during a brutal 5-day roundup last July. The Salt Lake Tribune published this report about the roundup.

“Onaqui,” who the BLM estimated to be around 16 years old, should have been returned to the range immediately due to her age. Instead, she ended up suffering in captivity like so many other wild horses.

While our sanctuary is not close to the kind of environment Onaqui is used to, we are committed to doing everything possible to make her feel safe, secure, and loved. We love her already! She’s also available for sponsorship.

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