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National Animal “Welfare” Groups Endorse Disastrous, Destructive & Deadly Path For America’s Wild Horses And Burros

Equine Advocates Responds to Recent Bureau of Land Management plan

As the head of Equine Advocates – the national equine protection organization I founded in 1996 which includes the operation of a horse sanctuary home to 80 equines of which three are captured BLM Mustangs – I find it not only mystifying, but completely outrageous as to why any national animal organization would support such a horrendous, cruel and destructive policy with regard to America’s remaining Wild Horse and Burro Herds. The “plan” put forth by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is called, “THE PATH FORWARD FOR MANAGEMENT OF BLM’S WILD HORSES & BURROS,” but we think it should be called, “THE PATH BACKWARD!”

If the BLM’s questionable motives continue to play out in the name of monetary greed, future generations will not know the marvel and wonder of wild horses and burros on our public range lands. The BLM, “Big Ag” industry groups and several large national animal welfare organizations are working hand-in-hand to destroy the viability of these wild herds by practicing herd management in the form of terrifying helicopter round ups and inhumane sterilization techniques, among other risky and unproven methods of population control. These other welfare groups may do great work helping companion animals and the like, but truly have no business “advocating” for wild horses if this is the result:

“The report, which BLM was required to provide to Congress for a 60-day review prior to utilizing any new funding, outlines a plan to cull wild horse and burro populations by 70 percent through inhumane helicopter roundups, brutal surgical sterilization procedures, and doubling the number of captured wild horses warehoused in holding pens at a staggering cost to American taxpayers.”

Any group that would endorse surgical sterilization of Wild Mares clearly has no expertise in what is best for these animals and therefore should not have anything to say regarding federal policies concerning their fate and futures.

However, tragically and alarmingly, these large national animal welfare groups, including the ASPCA and the HSUS, have reportedly made “backroom deals” with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the Farm Bureau and other known pro-horse slaughter industries and agencies in deciding the fate of our Wild Horses and Burros. I, and others, believe that they have in essence signed off on mass suffering, an increase in cruel and unnecessary round-ups and certain deaths of these animals  – all ultimately leading to their extinction. 

The actions of these groups are thoughtless and irresponsible, but I believe they have a definite agenda that involves power, influence and financial gain.

They do not represent or speak for our organization and it is my opinion that they do not represent or speak for the vast majority of equine protection organizations in this country that actually work to protect and preserve these animals and which are actually run by equine experts who are much more qualified than they are in having informed opinions and a say in these vital matters concerning the very survival of Wild Free-Roaming Equines on our Public Lands.

However, what they absolutely do have that most equine-related organizations – including ours – do not, is the financial ability to have a presence in Washington, D.C. in order to influence policy.  I am personally disgusted by their actions and American taxpayers should be up in arms about the waste of revenue that will be used to torture and eliminate the remaining Wild Horses and Burros on the range and those being held in captivity in government pens.

According to this article, “Under the plan, 20,000-30,000 horses would be rounded up yearly for up to 18 years. BLM estimates a cost of $65.5 million in FY 2020, rising to $360 million yearly.”

Please take the time to express your outrage and your feelings to the BLM and your representatives in Congress.  The Cloud Foundation has called this disastrous and murderous program, “BLM’s BILLION-DOLLAR WILD HORSE DISASTER PLAN.” 

You can read more about it from this alert published by The Cloud Foundation, in addition to how you can and take action.