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Support Equine Advocates with Trendy Jakelets!

What happens when an animal-loving artist who also produces all kinds of amazing creations, gets involved in horse rescue? Sybille Lichtenstein worked for two years trying to free a donkey named, Jake from living his entire life totally alone, standing in filth and squalor while trapped in a stall. He was locked in that stall for nearly his entire life up to that point. After contacting many rescue organizations, she reached out to Equine Advocates and explained why this donkey needed to be placed in a sanctuary. We agreed and in February of 2018, Jake arrived at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary after spending nearly two weeks in a hospital where he was fully examined, evaluated and gelded.

Today, Jake is doing extremely well and loving all the attention he receives each day from our doting staff and volunteers. Sybille has become a great friend of this organization and has come up with a wild and wonderful idea of creating a new line of bracelets which she calls, “Jakelets,” lovingly inspired by Jake the Donkey and designed to help raise money for Equine Advocates. Please check out her amazing creations below! They are just fantastic and great as gifts.

If you have any questions or would like to see more photos of the Jakelets, please email