Beau is an unregistered Thoroughbred born in 2003. He, his sire, Clive, and another Thoroughbred, Marty, came to Equine Advocates in 2008 after a ruling in a judicial proceeding where the former owner was charged with animal cruelty for neglect. As a result of his inhumane treatment and confinement by his former owner, Beau has a neurotic behavior called “cribbing.” Beau wears a cribbing collar as he was getting severe gas colics weekly that are very dangerous. With the collar, he has not had any further episodes. Even though Beau has some emotional issues and doesn’t get along with a lot of other equines, he is very content at the sanctuary with his new girlfriend, Lorna, in the pasture we call “Lovers Lane.”

Beau is proudly Sponsored by supporters from New York, New York; and Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

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