Daffodil is a Miniature Mare estimated to have been born around 2009. She was rescued out of a New Jersey kill pen in 2016 by Artemis Farm Rescue.  One of our Minis, an aged gelding named Mannie, lost his long-time companion and needed a new one. When Daffodil was rescued, it was discovered that she had a serious leg injury sustained most likely at the auction. Consequently, she underwent a long rehabilitation. Even though she is young, she was a perfect candidate to be a companion for Mannie. Cornelia Guest, who founded Artemis, arranged to send Daffodil here after she recovered from her injury and she arrived on 8/7/17. It didn’t take long for her and Mannie to hit it off and are now great friends!

Daffodil is proudly Sponsored by supporters from Wellesley, Massachusetts and West Milford, New Jersey.

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