Hayden, a Wild American Mustang, arrived at the sanctuary on October 1, 2013. Born in 2007, Hayden was captured during a brutal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) round-up in the Pryor Mountains of Montana when he was just two years old. He had been through two adoptions before he came to us as a pasture-mate for Nelson, our other Wild American Mustang who had been on his own for a time since his buddy passed away.  Hayden is a gorgeous equine with a rich history. His unique color is known as “Coyote Dun.” He has a long Dorsal Stripe that runs down the entire length of his back and he has black stripes on his legs. Hayden loves the attention he gets from our staff and volunteers and he also seems to enjoy the slow pace and quiet of the farm. Photo credit: Terry Hawthorne

Hayden is proudly Sponsored, In Full, by a supporter from Irvington, New York.