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Kachina, a Wild American Mustang Mare, arrived at the sanctuary on May 10, 2020. She was born in 2010 on the Pryor Mountains of Montana and is the daughter of Baja and Washakie, two of the most famous and beloved horses in that iconic herd. In 2012, when Kachina was two, she was bait-trapped and captured by the Bureau of Land Management. As is often the sad fate for so many Wild Horses who lose their families and freedom when captured, Kachina was shuffled from home to home, none of which were good situations. Ginger Kathrens, the founder and executive director of the Cloud Foundation, became aware of Kachina’s circumstances and expedited her rescue in October of 2019. Kachina was shipped to Colorado where she was fostered at the ranch of Dr. Lisa Jacobson, a renowned equine veterinarian. It was hoped that she could be adopted, but was soon determined that Kachina was not a good candidate as she did not like being ridden or trained. What she needed was to be retired in a sanctuary. When we heard her story, we offered her a forever home. Kachina is an extremely kind mare and took to sanctuary life as soon as she got here. She spends her day with Hayden, another Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang in the area we call “Born to be Wild.” Photo credit: Melissa Murray

Kachina is proudly Sponsored by supporters from Ghent, New York; Queensbury, New York; and Schenectady, New York, as well as by two corporate sponsors from Albany, New York; and one from Saratoga Springs, New York.

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