Mark is a bay Draft Cross gelding and a former urban carriage horse who worked the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until the carriage company where he worked went out of business. His estimated birth year is 1998. Mark was placed with Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue where he had been put up for adoption as a non-riding horse due to his arthritis and other physical issues. When we heard that he was up for adoption, we decided to offer him a forever home. He arrived here on September 25, 2020.

Before coming here, we sent him to Cornell University Hospital for Animals for a full evaluation. As the fourth urban carriage horse to come to Equine Advocates, we are very experienced in understanding the issues and injuries that these working horses often sustain. Unfortunately, Mark’s problems are degenerative, which means we can only manage them, as some will undoubtedly worsen over time. As is always the case with equines who come here, especially former work and performance horses, we always send them for x-rays and analysis so that we know exactly what we are dealing with in order to manage their care as effectively as possible. According to Cornell’s evaluation, he has marked navicular bone degeneration  – cysts, bone spurs sclerosis, marked pedal osteitis — inflammation and lysis, coffin joint arthritis, deep digital flexor tendon mineralization and mild fetlock arthritis. Despite his soundness issues, Mark is an extremely stoic horse who does not give in to his problems. He has a real zest for life! He is also sweet and a joy to be around. We are delighted to be able to provide this proud and strikingly gorgeous gelding a forever home here at Equine Advocates.. Mark was named in honor of Mark Rothbaum, the long-time manager of Willie Nelson, our 2020 Safe Home Equine Protection Award honoree.

Mark spends his days with two rescued Canadian PMU Mares and one PMU offspring in the area of the sanctuary we call “Field of Dreams.”

Mark is proudly Sponsored, in full, by a supporter from Charlottesville, Virginia, who also generously sponsors Jack, Sheena and Zack!