Nelson, a Wild American Mustang born around 1999, was captured by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Nevada. His future was in serious jeopardy due to the 2004 Burns Amendment, which reversed a longstanding federal policy that protected wild horses from being sold at auctions and subsequently shipped to slaughter plants. We traveled to a BLM adoption event in Ohio and brought him to the sanctuary in 2005. Now he, along with our other Wild American Mustangs, Kachina and Hayden, act as our ambassadors for the wild horse issues. We hope that with their help we can raise public awareness of the plight of America’s Wild Horses and enlist your help with getting our government to reinstate the protections that these precious creatures deserve before they disappear forever.

Nelson hangs out with Pedro, a rescued Standard Donkey, in the area we call “The Wild Ones.” Photo credit:  Caroline Christie

Nelson is proudly Sponsored, in Full, by a supporter from San Francisco, California who also fully sponsors Rain Man!