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Pedro is a Standard Donkey rescued in August of 2018. His estimated birth year is 2008. Pedro and several horses had been abandoned on a property in upstate New York. Initially, we were alerted to the plight of the animals by one caring individual who then put us in contact with two others who lived in the area and who also became involved. In a wonderfully-orchestrated group effort, all the animals were saved! Equine Advocates got the donkey and named him Pedro. We immediately shipped him to Cornell University Large Animal Hospital where he was gelded and treated for various stages of neglect. He remained there for a week and then came to the sanctuary. Pedro is a very sweet and shy guy. While we probably will never know a lot about his past history, we can be sure that his future will be a bright one. He hangs out with Nelson in “The Wild Ones” large pasture. Photo credits: Terry Hawthorne

Pedro is proudly Sponsored by a supporter from Canandaigua, New York.

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