Tina, a mixed breed born in June of 2013, had a rough start. Her mother passed away while giving birth to her. As a result, Tina did not receive the vitally important colostrum through her mother’s milk within the first 72 hours of being born to help build her immune system. This resulted in her being much smaller than she should be. She was rescued by a great friend of the organization who learned, through her own veterinarian, that Tina is also half-blind. She is not a horse eligible for adoption, so we took her into our sanctuary program. She is beyond adorable and we are so pleased to have her here. Tina hangs out with her donkey boyfriend, Pensacola Pete, in our “Jokers’ Wild” pasture!  Photo credit:  Jim Craner

Tina is proudly Sponsored by a supporter from Schodack, New York, and an anonymous donor as a gift for a friend from Tivoli, New York.

More Sponsors Welcome!