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ALERT: Zack Update!

Thanks to all of you who donated toward Zack’s hospital stay and treatment at Cornell, we have surpassed our $7,500 goal! I speak for the entire staff at Equine Advocates in expressing how greatly moved, deeply touched and so very grateful we are to each of you who has contributed.

For those who have not yet given, but would like to, by all means, please do! There will be many additional expenses for medications, bandages and other supplies and farm visits by Zack’s veterinarians, including his equine podiatrist who will be taking over and supervising the care of his feet and treatment of his Canker after he returns home. For right now, he is still receiving treatment at Cornell.

According to Zack’s veterinarians in the hospital, he is continuing to improve as the Canker in each of his four feet is slowing going away. Each foot is progressing at a different rate, but all four are getting better and growing healthy tissue as the Canker continues to decrease in size. We could not be happier or more optimistic!

As far as his hind end weakness is concerned, that condition is also improving, even though we do not have an exact diagnosis of what is causing it. What we do know is that it is a neurologic problem. Some tests have been inconclusive and x-rays can only show you so much, especially in a horse of Zack’s size. Consequently, he is currently undergoing several treatments that seem to be helping him in that regard. One of them is Marquis, which is typically administered to equines who test positive for a neurological disease called, Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis or EPM for short. Zack’s testing for EPM is inconclusive, but they did indicate that he was exposed to it which is why his vets strongly advised that he receive this treatment.

When Zack comes home, which will be very soon, he will be much easier to work with since he can now lift up his hind feet for treatment of the Canker. Here back at the sanctuary, we are preparing for his arrival which includes stocking up on bandaging materials and other supplies we will need to treat his feet every day. We are also filling prescriptions for the medications he is currently on and which he will need to remain on when he is back at the sanctuary.

We will continue to update all of you on Zack’s progress and his much-anticipated homecoming! 

Thank you, again!

With gratitude,
Susan Wagner

This lovable gentle giant is currently at Cornell University Hospital for Animals in Ithaca, New York, receiving treatment for two serious conditions: Canker in his feet and hind end weakness. When he returns home, his aftercare will need to remain aggressive in terms of treatment, supplies and medications, in addition to the necessary supplements that he must receive daily.

Please read more of his story below. We hope after you learn more of the details that you will consider helping with his life-saving treatment and aftercare by making a tax-deductible contribution to Equine Advocates today!

Our goal is to raise $7,500 – Click Here to Donate Today

Zack’s Story

Zack is a Belgian Draft Horse who was seized by police during a cruelty raid in 2017. He was emaciated and found living in filth and squalor. In July 2018, we at Equine Advocates was contacted by one of the investigators on his case who asked us to admit him into our horse sanctuary in Chatham, New York.

Zack Develops Two Very Serious Health Issues!

Zack’s right front foot prior to treatment at Cornell. The diseased white portion is the Canker that has caused Zack’s most challenging and serious health issue, as it has affected all four of his feet.

About a year ago, Zack developed Canker in all four of his feet. Canker in horses is a serious disease that generally originates in the frog (sole) of the foot. If left untreated, it can spread to the adjacent sole, bars, and hoof wall. However, Zack then developed another major issue that was preventing us from effectively treating him – he began having trouble picking up his hind feet due to weakness in his hind end. As he was having a hard time picking up his feet, we were having difficulty treating his Canker.

Consequently, after much discussion with Zack’s regular veterinarian/podiatrist and our equine staff who care for him, we made the decision to send him to Cornell to try to figure out why he was having trouble with his hind end.

This hospital stay is providing Zack with his best chance for recovery and survival. Without this vital care and diagnostics, his prognosis would be grim and without much hope.

Zack’s same foot two weeks after receiving treatment. You can see normal healthy tissue growing where the Canker was. All four of his feet have shown different levels of improvement.

Why Zack?

This horse has suffered a great deal in his life. We treat every horse who comes to this sanctuary equally, but some have suffered more than others. When Zack left for the hospital, all of us were in tears. He has touched our lives and our hearts. We want to do what we can to help him get through this.

Please Consider Helping Zack 

When Zack comes home from Cornell, our dedicated equine staff at Equine Advocates will be tasked with maintaining the level of care that he has been receiving in the hospital. That will require debriding, cleaning, medicating and bandaging all four of his feet every day, in addition to preparing and administering his medications daily.

We are asking for your help toward his hospital stay, his follow-up veterinary visits and the medications, supplements and supplies, including lots of bandaging materials needed to continue his treatment.

Our Goal

We hope to raise $7,500. Any amount collected over that amount will go toward Zack’s subsequent veterinary and farrier care, medications, supplements and supplies that will be ongoing until the Canker is gone.

No amount is too small! Please consider helping Zack today. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for your consideration to help Zack and for taking the time to read this.

Our goal is to raise $7,500 – Click Here to Donate Today