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Meet Equine Advocates Newest Resident and Proud Military Veteran- Tyler

On Monday, January 18th, we welcomed a new horse with a fascinating past to the sanctuary. Tyler is a former Military Working Horse with the U.S. Army Caisson Platoon, also referred to as “The Old Guard” at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia.

His former job in helping to lead the caskets of members of the U.S. Military who have passed away or died in combat to their final resting places at Arlington National Cemetery has helped to provide comfort and lasting memories for grieving military families. We are extremely honored to be able to provide Tyler with a permanent retirement home.

Tyler turned 19 this month. He is a gorgeous gray Quarter Horse Gelding with kind eyes and an equally sweet disposition. He performed many important duties with the Caisson Platoon. He was always ridden and performed as a Lead Horse (the two front pair in the funeral procession), as a Swing Horse (the two middle pair in the funeral procession) and as a Section Horse (the horse that is ridden and not connected to the wagon, positioned directly next to the Lead Horses).

While Tyler did not come here under the same or similar circumstances as most of our other equine residents, he was ready to retire. We felt that we could offer him a loving forever home as he enters this new stage of his life after having provided so many years of loyal service to this country as a Caisson Horse.

When this pandemic finally winds down and we can resume Public Open Days, we hope that many of you will come here to meet Tyler. Until then, please enjoy the video below that we took as he arrived at the sanctuary.

I would like to personally thank the men and women of the Caisson Platoon for their dedication and all the great work they do with these remarkable equines, as well as to the Caisson Platoon Leader for providing background information about Tyler and the wonderful photos of him performing as a Military Working Horse.

Like all of the residents here at Equine Advocates, Tyler would love to have some sponsors!

To learn more about the Caisson Platoon and the Caisson Horses, please check out these links:

I would like to express my gratitude to the U.S Army Caisson Platoon for allowing us to provide Tyler with a forever home. I know I speak for our entire staff in expressing our excitement in welcoming Tyler to the sanctuary.

Susan Wagner
Founder & President