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April Birthday Jamboree!

With 80+ equines living on our sanctuary and 23 years of saving animals in need from various dangerous situations and injuries, we don’t always know every equine’s exact birth date. We of course have ballpark guesses. However, there are luckily a number of residents’ birthdays we DO know…so we’re sharing in the celebrations with YOU! On Friday, 3/29, Ceci had a birthday. She turned 14! In April, we have lots of birthdays to acknowledge, including Rain Man’s who turns 29 on April 1st! He is one of Equine Advocates two founding horses, rescued two years before the organization was established back in 1996. Rain Man continues to inspire all of us each and every day! As cute, funny and mischievous as he is, it is very fitting that he was born on April Fools’ Day.
Won’t you join us in wishing our rescues a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY?!
Consider a birthday donation in the name of one or all equines!