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DNA Scanning Tool to Detect Mislabeled Food

After a gruesome mishap in 2013 when food products were mislabeled with horsemeat, The Food Safety Authority of Ireland joined forces with Commercial Laboratory, Identigen. The two have created original DNA sequencing technology to scan ingredients in food. This system fights food fraud, allowing the entire genetic makeup of a food to be determined. The first test has been done on plant ingredients and tests will soon begin on beef and poultry.

The FSAI used an earlier version of DNA technology in 2013 to uncover the horsemeat scandal, revealing horsemeat in beef burgers across Ireland and other European countries.  With advanced technology, DNA scanning will reveal GMOS, food allergens and mislabeled meat and fish items. Consumers rest a bit easier knowing the full list of ingredients of the products they’re consuming. Not only is food fraud unjust, it’s a matter of public health and safety.

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