Equine Advocates Happy Holidays 2012

Our virtual holiday greeting is performed by Cathy Grier, NYC Subway Girl and great friend of the organization.  Starring Bobby  II Freedom, Rain Man, Suzie, Lily, Henry and many other rescued equines at EA’s sanctuary in Chatham, NY.

The song  “Now That We’ve Been Rescued by EA” was adapted by Susan Wagner, President of Equine Advocates, to the music of “Winter Wonderland.”  Cathy did an amazing job editing the video into this fun-filled virtual card.

Cathy is a New York-based singer-songwriter and activist who has received wide attention for her subterranean performances and for capturing unique glimpses of subway station life via her website, http://nycsubwaygirl.com.  Performing underground in NYC since 1999 with Music Under New York, she has entertained audiences around the world and on television with her “funky, groovy folked-up blues style” and upbeat gutsy vocals.

We hope you enjoy it and pass it along to your friends and family!