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Horse Meat Recalled in Canada Due to Illegal Drugs

Horses, ponies, donkeys and mules are not bred for food in this country and never will be. Those of us who have been involved with this issue for many years know that politics, greed and special interests have consistently succeeded in defying the will of the vast majority of Americans to end the cruel, repulsive and unnecessary practice of equine slaughter.

The latest scandal to erupt is just hitting the news about a recall of horse meat by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Most of the horses slaughtered in Canada are still coming from this country. However, those numbers have been decreasing steadily due to new and tighter restrictions by the European Union to quarantine horses being slaughtered for food in Canada and then exporting their meat to European markets.

Scandals like this, in addition to more incidents of food fraud involving horse meat here and abroad are only going to worsen over time if this sordid business does not end soon. Isn’t it time that our government acts to end horse slaughter now?

Please read this article and then share it with your members of Congress, along with all other information from our website. This is yet another clear example among many as to why no wild or domestic equine from this country should ever be slaughtered for food again.