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How the GAO Deceived Congress and Opened the Way for the Return of Horse Slaughter to the U.S

That was the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Report # 11-228 published in 2011 which was later deemed to be fraudulent, misleading and inaccurate as proved in a paper published by John Holland of the Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) and Laura Allen, Esq. of the Animal Law Coalition. Watch video for an analysis of their vital research.

However, since then, many of the same horse slaughter proponents who tried to use that fraudulent GAO Report as a way to bring horse slaughter back to this country, have regrouped with a more supportive administration and members of Congress who have gone back to the GAO and asked for yet another “report” to use for the same deadly purpose since they were unsuccessful the first time around in reopening horse slaughterhouses here.

Based on that fraudulent 2011 GAO Report, a Congressional Conference Committee voted three to one to bring horse slaughter back to U.S. soil. Those who voted in favor of horse slaughter were Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, retired Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl and former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston.

…So here we go again! Please read the EWA’s shocking new expose’ dated March 8, 2017 about the Interior Department and the House Agriculture and House Appropriation Committees’ request for a new GAO Report “the need for horse slaughter” to return to America

We have been writing about this issue regularly because these individuals representing special interests are stopping at nothing to get their way. However, they are in the minority. If you are among the majority of Americans who do not want horse slaughter to return, then you must make your voices heard with your members of Congress before it is too late.