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In Memoriam: Queen

1993 – March 1, 2022

Tribute by Susan Wagner

It is with great sadness to report the passing of our Clydesdale mare Queen, one of the nicest and kindest equines we have ever known. She would have turned 29 this year.

I rescued Queen in Ohio in May of 2001 along with Dolly; Both had been used for work by the Amish. They had newborn mules nursing at their sides at the time of their rescue. Gizmo was Queen’s baby and Gomez was Dolly’s, who also was also in foal with Zoe at the time. Dolly, Gizmo, Gomez, and Zoe are all alive and well and still living here.

Queen and Dolly were among the very first horses to come to the sanctuary when it was established in 2004. Until we finally got a place of our own, we kept our rescued equines primarily in foster homes and boarding facilities. Queen, Dolly, and their offspring had been in foster care initially in New Hampshire and then transferred to the farm of one of our board members before moving to their permanent home here at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY.

Queen was always among our most popular equines because she was so gentle. I can remember countless times she and Dolly would be brought out when school children would come here for classes or field trips and how wonderful they both were with kids petting them and standing patiently while kids were being taught how to groom a horse.

Queen shared a pasture with her long-time best friend Dolly and also with Sheena, a former New York City carriage horse. Queen was an important part of our lives for the past 21 years and will remain in our hearts forever.

Photo by Wendy Braun