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Wild Mustang Gentling with Anna Twinney – Video Series

In March of 2023, we welcomed Anna Twinney, world-renowned Natural Horsemanship Clinician, teacher, coach, and author. She stayed for two days specifically to work with Onaqui, the Wild Mustang mare who arrived at the sanctuary last June, and with members of Equine Advocates staff. To say the least, Anna not only helped to transform Onaqui, but put our staff on a path to better understanding her language and how to communicate with her. This major breakthrough, to be continued with Sara Vanecek, one of Anna’s long-time protégés, has been the most promising development we have experienced since the mare arrived here last summer. Sara started the process with wonderful results, and now with Anna’s work, we feel confident that we will be successful in not only being able to work with and handle Onaqui over time but also do for her what we have wanted and envisioned for her from the day she first arrived here – turning her out with a herd of horses at the sanctuary!

Please enjoy this video series showcasing Anna’s work over the course of two days, including the moments our Equine Care Manager and President/Founder Susan Wagner worked with Onaqui at the end of the workshops.

Introduction with Susan Wagner and Anna Twinney

Susan Wagner introduces Anna Twinney and they discuss Wild Mustang issues and the importance of knowing how to properly work with wild horses.

Day 1, Session 1: Awareness, Touching, and Reaching Out

These excerpts took place at the very beginning of Anna’s first day with Onaqui. Notice how she listens and pays attention to Onaqui’s every movement and gesture in deciding how to best approach and work with her.

Day 1, Session 2: Gaining Trust, Accepting a Halter

On Day 1 of the two full days of workshops, Anna was successfully able to put a halter on Onaqui.
Watch how she accomplished that followed by Onaqui taking her very first step being led.

Day 1, Session 2 & Day 2, Session 1: Choosing to Stay

Anna gets even further with Onaqui and establishes a level of trust with her that brought out emotions in all of us who were there. When you think about where this mare came from and what she has been through, it is truly amazing how she has been able to respond so positively and with so much intelligence. This is a testament to Anna’s skill and vast experience with wild horses.

Day 2 continued: Starting to Lead

Anna works with Onaqui on leading.

Final Session: Starting to Groom, Performing a Figure 8, and Looking to the Future!

During the final session, Anna worked on grooming, circling, and performing a Figure 8.

Onaqui Gentling – Working with Equine Advocates Staff

Toward the end of her second workshop, Anna Twinney coached two Equine Advocates staff members in working with Onaqui.
Please enjoy this extremely informative video featuring excerpts of Anna instructing Equine Care Manager Melissa Murray.

Onaqui Gentling – Working with Equine Advocates President & Founder Susan Wagner

In this segment, Anna is working with Susan Wagner, Equine Advocates President and Founder, which took place toward the end of the second and final workshop. The significant progress that Onaqui made in just two days under Anna’s guidance is evident here.