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‘Equines and Eggs’ Easter Basket Drive 2023

Edit 04/10/2023: Thank you so much to everyone who played Easter Bunny for our wonderful equines! All of these items are needed all year round, so if you’re feeling generous, we’d appreciate receiving those items any time! Thank you!

Happy Spring!

Some-bunny caught the attention of our equines and they wanted to join in on the Easter Bunny fun! We’ve started our spring cleaning and discovered some things they’d love to receive for the new season.

Each day this week, we’ll crack an egg to reveal a treat or item our equines are hoping to find in their Easter baskets, with your help! Make sure to come back to this page every day through Saturday, April 8th for updates!

Shipping info:
Equine Advocates
3212 State Route 66
Valatie, NY 12184


Last, but not least, is Sheena! She wants to make sure everyone looks their best for Open Day visitors and a good bath with lots of shampoo will do the trick!

Orvus WA Paste Shampoo can be found at SmartPak.


Next is Gomez! He and his friends are learning clicker training which relies on positive reinforcement like SmartCookies treats! This will help them learn to not be so scared of getting their yearly shots.

SmartCookies treats can be found at SmartPak.


Next up – Gerda’s excited to run around outside, but she knows during the spring and summer, flies are out too! She’d love to get some fly spray to keep them away!

Pyranha Wipe N’ Spray can be found SmartPak, ValleyVet, and Amazon.


Next up is Millie – She heard about the wonderful sweets and treats that are enjoyed this spring holiday, but she’s sensitive to sugar and can’t eat too much of it. She’d love to get a basket full of low-sugar snacks so she and everyone else can treat themselves!

Purina Carb Conscious Treats can be found at Purina Mills, Amazon, and Tractor Supply, Co.
Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax can be found at SmartPak and Amazon.


First up is Jeffrey Mac! He’s ready for warm, sunny days, but he also knows that some days, the heat will be a lot to handle. To help him and his friends stay cool and keep the flies away, they’re hoping to receive 100 new box fans in their baskets!

Box fans can be found at Amazon. If you would like to purchase from another site/store, please make it a 20″ box fan. Thank you!